Process Technoloog Waste Management – VTTI – Rotterdam

By 20 januari 2022Renewables

About VTTI:

VTTI is one of the world’s leading storage providers for energy and other essential products like chemicals. Located at major shipping crossroads and supply gateways, VTTI provides over 10 million cubic metres of storage capacity across five continents.

They are a non-conventional company in a conventional industry. With real insights in to the energy trading business, focused on the future. Continuously thinking ahead. Developing new ways to store and distribute energy and chemicals. Introducing new working methods, improving safety standards and implementing changes to make us even more sustainable.

VTTI is now moving forward in the supply chain, in developing, building and operating facilities in (a.o.) waste to energy and other sustainable energy resources.

About the Role:
The Process Technologist Waste Management will help VTTI and local OpCo’s to manage waste streams with coordination and audit oversight of waste management at the different facilities. This person will be responsible for ensuring compliance of hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage areas with all regulatory requirements, ensure proper waste disposal, help to identify recycle/reuse opportunities, and help VTTI develop and implement rules and evaluate compliance with existing and future legislation. He/she is also active in (production) process optimization in order to either reduce waste streams or optimize production output.


  • Evaluation of field, operational and analytical data to assist in determining waste characterizations.
  • Ensure compliance on waste management with local and national regulations
  • Advises and sometimes coordinates at the different facilities in dealing with the management of waste, such as waste collection, sorting, recycling, and disposal, in order to ensure optimal efficiency of operations, improve methods for waste reduction, and ensure compliance with legislation. Advise on the implementation of waste regulations and on improvement strategies for waste management and waste minimization, to increase environmentally sustainable practices and environmental awareness.
  • Interfacing with regulatory agencies regarding hazardous materials and waste stream management


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in environmental science/engineering, chemical engineering, natural resources management, physical science, or related field of study.
  • At least four years of experience in hazardous and non – hazardous waste management at a large-quantity generator facility in a highly regulated industrial environment or semiconductor industry.
  • Ability to understand and apply government regulations related to hazardous materials and wastes.
  • Good problem-solving and critical thinking skills with focus on issue resolution and proactive process improvement


  • Eu. 75.000,-  –  90.000,- + bonus + excellent secundary package

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